Your Strategic HR Partner

Our Company

Who we are.

PTAKM is an Indonesia-headquartered business services group with an integrated local network spanning over 15 provinces.

By connecting all together, we service the needs of industrial sectors, manufacturings, hospitality industries, institutions, corporates and governments through our four business divisions: Manpower Supply, Finance, Medical Center, Education, and Transportation.

A company with heart & soul.

PTAKM is one of the leaders in HR services industry in Indonesia. By serving as a trusted human partner in today’s technology-driven world of talent, we help people secure rewarding jobs and stay relevant in the ever changing world of work. Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy.

Core value & culture.

Our core values, established in the company’s early days, guide our behavior and represent the foundation of our culture. They help us develop, grow and better serve our clients, candidates and other stakeholders.

Business principles.

Our busniess principles are set around, and are supportive of, our core values; to know, to serve and to trust, semaltenous promotion of all interests and striving for perfection.

Creating value through our strategy.

By helping candidates find suitable careers and develop their full potential, and by finding employers the people who best fit into their organization to sustain their success, we create value for society as a whole.

Value for clients.

We help our clients to find the best talent with the most relevant skills for their business. Our technological expertise, combine with our human touch, enables us to focus on our clients’ business needs by providing tailor-made solutions and the best personal advise.

Value for candidates.

We help candidates in finding jobs and developing their skills so they can have a meaningful career. Our data driven-insights enable us to quickly identify smart career opportunities and make the perfect match. Candidates are personally guided to short and long term career success.

Value for employees.

We are an attractive employer for our employees by offering continuous development and career opportunities. Data-driven insights help our employees to focus on what really matters in their jobs: serving clients and candidates even better.

Years of Success

With many years of experience under our belt, our highly trained candidates are capable of meeting all employers requirements with the skills and experience. Apart from possessing the necessary skills and experience, our candidates are armed with a strong work ethic which means they will go the extra mile for employers. We have selectively assiociated with well-established and reputable companies in Asia, Europe, and Middle East. This, we are very much proud of!


Our company mission is " shaping the world of work". Our passion is matching the best people with the best companies that will develop their potential, and to match companies with innovative talent who will drive their business growth and revenue. In short, we are dedicated to playing a pivotal role in the "World of Work".