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Finding the candidate for your business is a crucial decision that hinges on the way you search for, select and interview potential applicants. Our specially designed solutions bring talent quickly.

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Years of Success

With many years of experience under our belt, our highly trained candidates are capable of meeting all employers requirements with the skills and experience. Apart from possessing the necessary skills and experience, our candidates are armed with a strong work ethic which means they will go the extra mile for employers. We have selectively assiociated with well-established and reputable companies in Asia, Europe, and Middle East. This, we are very much proud of!

The driving force behind most of the technical changes and infrastructural development, Engineering and Heavy Equipment Industry has been significantly contributing to the economic development. The foray of technologies like CAD and CAM have almost made the engineering industry an indispensable part of all the industrial operations, be it designing, processing, manufacturing or even quality assurance.

This industry demands professionals with sound technical knowledge and logical brain to arrive at effective solutions. Along with knowledge and qualifications, they must have have a desire to learn and constantly adapt themselves to the changes.

We provide candidates who possess a sense of diagnosing problems, the strength and stamina required to work with heavy equipment, work in difficult situations, the ability to work alone or part of a team and above all fit into your organization.

We provide candidates for the various job openings in this industry. Some of the most common ones are as follows :

   > Manufacturing Engineer

    > Industrial Engineer

    > Design Engineer

    > Civil Designer

    > Mechanical Designer

    > CAD Designer

    > CAD/CAM Engineer

    > Process Planner

    > Product Designer

    > Solid Modelers

    > Tool Designer/Programmer


Our resource pool has competent people who know how to effectively use the versatile capabilities of various equipment and machines to increase the efficiencies and productivity of the organization. Apart from the permanent staff, we also have temporary workforce that is needed for a particular project or assignment. While they are as competent as their counterparts in other parts of the world, this curtails your unnecessary expenditure


    > Parametric Modelers

    > CNC Programmer

    > Graphic Designer

   >  Heavy equipment operators

    > Mechanics

    > Turners

    > Welders

    > Lathe operators

   >  Drill operators